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The Turn takes a broad look at golf, not just as a game but as a business. Jared Cohen, Bill O'Brien and Michael Loizou have decades of experience in the golf industry; from California to Dubai. The trio discusses trends from the golf business, equipment and more. Presented by Troon, each episode will be joined by a featured guest, promised to be a big-time expert in the industry.

Apr 11, 2019

How many times have you as an adult wished something like the Drive, Chip and Putt was around when you were a kid? Or at least visualize how you would compete in it while some of these incredible kids participate at Augusta National ahead of Masters Week? Well check this out! The Tee2Green Challenge is a growing competition in the Western US which is pretty much Drive, Chip and Putt for adults! The founders of Tee2Green joined the show to give us a background of their great new game!